Post-Truth Politics and Post-Factual News

Between Truth and Hope

La Vérité sortant du puits

At the moment, it is nearly impossible to not stumble upon the buzz words „post-factual news“ and „post-truth politics.“
Somehow, there are journalists, scientists and politicians who claim that we live in a time where emotions are more important than facts and reasonable arguments.

For me, this view is very dangerous, because it gives people the permission to end any kind of discussion and it keeps a lot of progressive programs and policies on hold. For instance, there are many people who still think that women should not be emancipated because they have the feeling that women are too weak for powerful positions. And some people feel afraid of foreigners, because they have heard some worrying stories about them, so they think that it is better if all foreigners stay far away.
Interestingly, these people can only find positive „natural-given“ attributes for their own group, because their own group is always the best.


Scientists know that there is no objectivity. They can present their facts, but…

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