Cover Me: The Best Self-Published Book Covers

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book cover design for self published authorsBook Cover Design – How to Get a Book Cover Right

For better or worse, the way your book looks on the outside is just as important to your book’s sales as what’s on the inside. In the world of e-commerce, factors like paper quality and bindings no longer matter – cover art is key to getting attention, generating buzz and, ultimately, key to selling more books. We recently covered how to write a book description that attracts readers, but without the expertise of a publisher and a team of professional designers, how do you figure out what the cover of your book should look like? Read on for some tips on book cover design, as well as examples of self-published books that got their covers right, and how they did it. (And if you’re looking for an affordable book cover designer, see our directory here.)

5 rules for better covers

5 Rules for Book…

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